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Mormon temple endowment ceremonyAll About Mormon Temple Worship

Temple Symbolism
Interesting meanings behind temple endowment ceremony clothes and temple architecture

The History of Mormon Garments
Separating fact from fiction and the changes to garments over the years

My First Mormon Temple Experience
One man's first experience in the temple and responses from other church members

A Woman's Temple Marriage Experience
One woman's journey through the temple endowment and sealing

Polygamy's Lasting Effect on Mormon Temples and Garments
How millions of Mormons today are still impacted by Joseph Smith's practice of polygamy

Temple Ordinance Paradox
Joseph Smith taught the temple ordinances couldn't change, so have they?

The Latest Changes to Unchangeable Gospel Ordinances
Recent changes to temple ordinances and what it means for church members

A Mormon asks Sincere Questions about the Endowment
A true-believing Mormon tries to make sense of the endowment ceremony

The Need for Temple Death Oaths
Why would God need us to make death oaths of secrecy and loyalty in the temple?

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