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Guilt Trips for Necking or Petting

"What is petting? Should it be confessed to the bishop?"
By Elder Lindsay R. Curtis, New Era, Nov. 1985, Page 16:

Petting is fondling a member of the opposite sex in areas that are private, personal, and sacred.

Because of modern movies and television we must add prolonged kisses that involve the tongue and excite the passions as an off limits form of fondling. Even a simple kiss should be reserved for special occasions and for special people we care about.

In The Miracle of Forgiveness, by Elder Spencer W. Kimball, we read: "Too often, young people dismiss their petting with a shrug of their shoulders as a little indiscretion, while admitting that fornication is a base transgression. Too many of them are shocked, or feign to be, when told that what they have done in the name of petting was in reality fornication. The dividing line is a thin, blurry one."

"All those who have slipped into the disgraceful and most reprehensible habit of transgressing through petting should immediately change their lives, their habits, and their thought patterns, repent sorely in 'sackcloth and ashes,' and by confession get so far as possible a clearance from the Lord and the leaders of his Church so that a measure of peace may accompany them through their lives (Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1969, pp. 66, 67)."

There you have it. Petting should be confessed to the bishop. It is important to realize that your bishop is not there to probe, to confront, to condemn, or to embarrass. Yes, he is a 'judge in Israel' (D&C 107:72) and must serve in this capacity. But he is also our friend and confidant when we need to unburden our soul. He is there to help us repent and turn our lives in the right direction once more. He is there to help us find comfort and reassurance as we pursue a repentant course.

Someone has said that conscience is that still, small voice deep inside us where the acoustics are so bad. It is our task to answer responsibly to this guardian of our souls called conscience. Only with complete confession and repentance can its voice of accusation be stilled.

It is not only a necessity but a privilege to go to our bishop so that a welcome spirit may come into our mind as it did with Enos, reassuring us that, "thy sins are forgiven thee, and thou shalt be blessed" and we can have our guilt "swept away."


"A kiss is an evidence of affection. A kiss is an evidence of love, not an evidence of lust - but it can be. Don't ever let a kiss in your courtship spell lust. Necking and petting are lustful; they are not love. I don't mind you kissing each other after you have had several dates; not the kiss of passion, but the kiss of affection."
- Spencer W. Kimball, address to missionaries, 2 Jan. 1959.


"On the very brink of sorrow and disgrace are they who are guilty of immodesty, necking, petting, or other secret and unwholesome practices. Neither person is at his best when he is petting. Each discovers in the other and reveals in himself traits of which he should be ashamed. He is voluntarily permitting himself to be led down the path of misery and shame. Some pride themselves on never going further than petting. They do not realize how disastrously far they have already gone."
-Apostle Hugh B. Brown, The Abundant Life, page 64


"Almost like twins, 'petting' and fornication are alike."
-Prophet Spencer W. Kimball, Miracle of Forgiveness, page 65


"Shame on the girl who will let a boy fondle her body with his hands. Petting leads to something worse and whatever leads to something worse is bad itself. Petting is an abomination in the sight of God: and you know it-even if Mom or Dad or your teachers failed to warn you. Instinctively you know it. And you should know, too, that necking leads to petting. This boy who came to me, and others of you may have to put petting on your list of sins to be repented of."
-Elder William J. Critchlow, Jr., BYU Speeches, April 28, 1964, page 7


"And the world will go on dying-destroying itself until people begin to use words in their true meanings, 'calling a spade, a spade' and not a spoon; calling 'petting' a deep sin and not a harmless diversion-- until we rip its disguising mask from its ugly face and strip from its lustful body the sheep's clothing with which the vicious wolf has concealed his mean self. My beloved young folks, do not excuse petting and body intimacies. I am positive that if this illicit, illegal, improper, and lustful habit of 'petting' could be wiped out, that fornication would soon be gone from our world.
-Prophet Spencer W. Kimball, "Love Versus Lust", BYU Speech January 5, 1965.


"Avoid necking and petting like a plague, for necking and petting are the concessions which precede the complete loss of virtue."
Prophet Ezra Taft Benson, "Safety in the Face of Dangers", BYU Speech May 10, 1966.


"I, too, get letters from young people. I got one the other day from a girl who wanted to know, Is it wrong to pet? She said, frankly, "I don't know. Will you tell me, is it wrong to pet?" And I wrote back to that girl and told her that petting is one of the most pernicious things that ever came into the world."
-Apostle Mark E. Petersen, General Conference, 1 April 1954


"Instead of remaining in the field of simple expressions of affection, some have turned themselves loose to fondling, commonly called 'necking' with its intimate contacts and its passionate kissing. It is an insidious practice leading to other vices. Necking is the younger member of this unholy family. Its bigger sister is called 'petting.' When the intimacies have reached this stage, they are surely the sins condemned by the Savior. What, may I ask you, is like unto adultery if it is not petting? Did not the Lord recognize that this heinous sin is but the devil's softening process for the final acts of adultery? Can a person in the light of the Lord's scriptures pursue the path of petting with clear conscience? Can anyone convince himself that this is not deep sin?
First Presidency Pamphlet, "To The Returning Missionary" Page 14 and "Repentance Brings Forgiveness, Page 4


"A boy whom the apostle (Spencer W. Kimball) a week back had turned down for a missionary recommend, wrote that he had resisted petting with his girl, and was determined to justify the apostle's confidence in him. And a young girl wrote him thanks for his counsel the week before, continuing: "I know with your (Spencer W. Kimball) blessing and your prayers I will overcome my weaknesses. Pray for me, please. It seems easier to have some help. I hope there are few in this world like me. I often wondered why the Lord didn't destroy me for all the things I've done."
-Biography of Spencer W. Kimball, Chapter 15.

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